Will Brodie moves on from The Age

Yesterday was Will Brodie’s last day at Fairfax’s, The Age.

Will Brodie was the AIHL‘s biggest advocate in Australia’s traditional media market. Writing for their online sports section, Will Brodie covered Ice Hockey in Australia, unpaid and on his own time.

Will Brodie

We wont be seeing this in 2015 Credit: theage.com.au/sport

Speaking with Mr Brodie today he is:

proud and happy to have worked with The Age, especially how they have embraced online

Will is also optimistic that some from Fairfax will continue to cover the game. Grooming others on Ice Hockey has been a part of the past few months.

It’s someone being the AIHL’s internal advocate at Fairfax that will ensure that Ice Hockey gets on the front page of theage.com.au/sport more that the 14 times, Will has gotten it on there.

Ice Hockey in Australia is in a difficult situation of not being relevant in Australian Sport and therefore it’s media. It’s not a nice thing to write, but it’s the reality. Unfortunately in this market, the league cannot demand coverage, in fact the sport cannot even affect what coverage it gets. That’s a pretty shitty situation for the sport to be in. We just don’t bring the page views and the advertising dollars that warrant a media organisation paying a journo to cover the local derby.

We were blessed to have hockey nut in the right place at the right time.

Will Brodie grew up to Canadian parents in Australia, learning to skate in Australia which lead to hockey. Will also played hockey briefly in Vancouver, Canada in the late 70’s. Since Will was 10, he has wanted to be a writer and write books. Covering the story certainly came out in his writing. The pieces creating scenes and thought in your head rather than be point by point, goal by goal stuff.

Will got the opportunity to go and write a book again, and he took it. Good for him. He may even head back to Canada on a Hockey pilgrimage. Exciting times when you get the chance to follow your dreams.

Over the next few months Will will be completing his upcoming book, Reality Check, in which Will shadows the Melbourne Mustangs and Melbourne Ice for the 2014 Season. It should be a cracker.

So who will replace Will and all the hockey coverage he gave us? We don’t know, but we sure as hell hope Ice Hockey doesn’t stop being covered by The Age. We also hope efforts are made by those in Ice Hockey to get media coverage. The coverage will not come to the sport, the sport has to go and get it.

Will linked to Hewitt Sports frequently in his articles, something that helped us immensely. We would like to thank Will for mentioning us in the “big print” but most of all, for covering the sport that we love.

Keep an eye out for Will’s upcoming book, Reality Check in the next few months.

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