Social Media In The AIHL – Twitter

Social media is increasingly becoming important to many people. Some people use it as their major source of information. Some people tolerate it and others have no idea. In this first of a series of reports and analysis, how are the AIHL & their clubs using the micro-blogging platform Twitter? What Is Twitter? For anyone […]

Beyond the game: reaching out to the community and family

The recent announcement by the MOAT: Melbourne Mustangs that every home game well be streamed live for free is important, more important than many may realise. Certainly, from a business and marketing point of view, streaming all home games for free could provide multi-faceted benefits for the Mustangs, the AIHL and the sport of ice […]

Hope Yet For Canberra Knights

It’s been a big couple of days in the story of the Canberra Knights‘ demise. What started with the announcement, as reported, on Wednesday that the team would be folding, first broken by ABC journalist Ewan Gilbert on Twitter, closely followed by statements of confirmation from Knights owner John Raut and the Australian Ice Hockey […]

NZIHL Implement Changes For 2013

This week, the NZIHL announced some exciting changes ahead of the 2013 season via their Twitter account which will greatly benefit the sport in both New Zealand and Australia.  Andrew Hewitt with more.     Following the New Zealand Ice Hockey League’s (NZIHL) AGM in February, there have been some changes to the structure of […]

Future Demands

As The AIHL grows how will the relationship with the media change? What will happen when the mainstream media are chasing the clubs and players for stories to fill news bulletins and daily papers for the hockey hungry public? Craig Tonks takes a look in this new series of interviews.     The Australian Ice […]

Don’t be a twit

There was a time not so long ago where the biggest worry that an athlete had was being misquoted in an interview or saying or doing something stupid on television. That is no longer the case. Xavier Player has more.     Public outcry reigned last week when Olympic Swimmers Kenrick Monk and Nick D’Arcy […]

East versus West for AIHL 2012

In a tweet posted by AIHL PR/Media Liaison Daniel Eade (@DanielEade) earlier today, it was announced that for the 2012 edition of the AIHL the teams would be split into two conferences in a move sure to make a difference as the game continues to grow. A move that aligns the AIHL with its North […]