AIHL Weekend Preview, 12-13 July 2014

This weekend sees 4 vital games in the lead-up to the AIHL finals. Eric brings us the weekends preview.

AIHL run to the playoffs

‘I can’t help but feel that we are in for a stellar year in the AIHL in 2014.’ How true that opening statement from my pre-season report has proven to be! In that article, I gave my thoughts on how I thought the 2014 season would pan out. Now in early July, with the Australian […]

AIHL Revenue Streams – Merchandise – Can We Do Better?

The Australian Ice Hockey League is a semi-professional league where many players still pay to play, so how do we get to a point where players can actually become cash positive? Revenue streams are something the AIHL always have to be careful with, the risk of becoming a losing entity always an issue. The whole […]

Dogged Battle Of Sydney

The 3rd Battle of Sydney for the 2014 AIHL season saw the Sydney Bears travel to Liverpool to meet the Sydney Ice Dogs. Cross town rivalries are always epic battles but this battle would be very fierce. Photo credit: Rev William A Stewart The major casualty of the hard fought game was Sydney Bears import […]

Sydney Bears Sweep Melbourne After Pancaking Flat Mustangs

Fresh off spoiling the Melbourne Ice’s Canada Day celebrations on Saturday, the Sydney Bears returned to the Melbourne Icehouse looking to add the maple syrup to their weekend against the Melbourne Mustangs. The Sydney Bears fired a warning shot across the bow of the Melbourne Mustangs on Saturday as the Sydney-siders crushed the Melbourne Ice […]

Sydney Bears come to life as Perth Thunder come to town

After starting the season strong and finding themselves a spot to make the play-offs for the first time since 2010, the Sydney Bears fell into a seemingly never-ending spiral – losing 9 games straight and plummeting to the bottom of the ladder in the AIHL.  That losing streak came to a halt on Sunday, as […]

Brave takes pole position

THE CBR Brave moved to first place on the AIHL ladder with a high scoring win against the Sydney Bears. CBR Brave started the game with second string goalie Brad Hunt, giving Petri Pitkanen the night off. This also saw Mike Giorgi back in the team as the forth import for the game. The first […]