5ForFighting :: 5 new homes for 5 Blue Tongues

With the Gold Coast Blue Tongues sitting out the 2013 Australian Ice Hockey League season, Chris Meister looks at 5 Blue Tongues players that could find temporary homes this season.     What if the Blue Tongues players could make a switch just for the 2013 AIHL season?  Where would they go and would your […]

New Gold Coast ice arena looks promising

Conceptual plans for the new ice arena on the Gold Coast have been released and it looks impressive.  Andrew Hewitt with more.     Since the Gold Coast Blue Tongues began their 12 month hiatus from the Australian Ice Hockey League, the work to reinstate them for the 2014 season has been furious. A large […]

Roping in the audience

Being a non traditional Ice Hockey market is something that the Australian hockey fraternity is used to, but how do you overcome that barrier if you are a team based in a country where the sport is popular?  Craig Tonks looks at how the Las Vegas Wranglers go about just that.     It’s 30 […]

Many options for Gold Coast Blue Tongues

All week, fans of the AIHL and the Gold Coast Blue Tongues have been concerned about the immediate future of the Queensland franchise.  The club has now released information on their plans, Andrew Hewitt with more.     Last weekend news broke that shattered the hearts of hockey fans around the country when the Sydney […]

Safety first, cost second

The recent AIHL AGM has brought some great initiatives; one being the Rink Standards By-law.  Christian Roach discusses. In the advancing quest to professionalise Ice Hockey in Australia, the AIHL has shifted their focus from team professionalism to polishing the ice rinks that are home and host to all of the league’s teams. Improving rinks […]