Looking into the crystal ball

Request upon request has been laid onto theotherhewitt.com for predictions for this weekend’s upcoming AIHL Finals games.  Not one to back away we have decided to put it all on the line and look into our crystal ball and try to come up with a winner of the 2011 Goodall Cup. Each Semi Final is […]

School is in session

NOW that the 2011 AIHL regular season has come to a close, it’s time for the clubs to receive their grades for the year.  The results may not please everybody. Melbourne Ice Success is not easily repeated in the AIHL and so for the Melbourne Ice to win the H Newman Reid Trophy for finishing […]

‘Twas the round before Goodall Cup

‘TWAS the round before Goodall, and out on the ice Were three teams waiting to roll the dice. The Gold Coast and Adelaide would fight for the last spot, It would be a wise wise man to bet on the plot. With the Adrenaline in fourth coming into the last round, A puck in Martin’s […]

Putting the puzzle together

ATTEMPTING to predict the final positions of the 2011 AIHL regular season can seem like trying to finalise a jigsaw puzzle.  All of the pieces are accounted for but placing them in the right spot seems impossible.  Two pieces may look identical to each other; both the colour of a blue sky on a sunny […]

Snakes and ladders

    WITH most AIHL teams only having a handful of games left in their regular season schedule, theotherhewitt.com takes a look at everyone’s run home.  Here we look at the remaining games for all AIHL teams and review what might have been for some.   1. Melbourne Ice @ Bluetongues @ Bluetongues v Bluetongues […]

Second is the new fourth

ALL of the talk in the AIHL at the moment is about the battle for fourth spot between Adelaide, the Gold Coast and to a lesser extent the Melbourne Mustangs.  What a lot of people seem to have ignored, is the late charge for a top two finish by the Sydney Ice Dogs.  A charge […]

We’re Going To Need A Bigger Trophy Cabinet

WITH the AIHL‘s regular season for 2011 coming into its final period, the talk is slowly starting to shift to the AIHL Finals and also the AIHL Awards.  After previously discussing my thoughts leading into the AIHL Finals, the AIHL Awards now go under the microscope as well as suggestions for future awards. As it […]

AIHL Playoff Race

We are now in the home stretch of the AIHL regular season and with today’s general release of tickets to the AIHL Finals, the race to secure a spot at the Medibank Icehouse in Melbourne on the 3rd and 4th of September is really heating up. With the top two teams in the Melbourne Ice […]

Who’s the boss??

If you were to go, to a game between the Melbourne Ice and the Melbourne Mustangs and asked a selection of random spectators who some of the leagues other players were, you would probably end up with a lot of blank faces. If you were to ask most fans in Melbourne who Matt Amado or […]