Sydney Blue Sox hot despite split

Despite dropping the final game of the series against the Canberra Cavalry, the Sydney Blue Sox continued their hot form, started at Narrabundah a week earlier.

  • Craig Anderson is showing strong form early in the season. He struck out six batters to record his second win for the season.
  • The Sydney Blue Sox constantly hitting. They must find a bit more consistency when they have runners on base and get that clutch gene that allows them to drive in regular RBIs.
  • Canberra wins the mediocrity award for the first two series they have played. Due to not having much of a preseason, they are right in the middle for both batting average (.239) and third in ERA (4.58). Granted they have played one of the stronger competitors in the league two times in a row, it still seems that they just aren’t quite there yet.
  • One thing the Sydney Blue Sox did on a pretty consistent basis this weekend was blow leads, and give up runs late in the game.
  • The Cavalry are going to need to win the series against Perth next weekend to show they can be the contenders they have been in previous seasons.
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