A season that could have been for Adelaide Adrenaline

With the final four teams now locked in for the finals, the question has to be asked. Did the Adelaide Adrenaline‘s bus crash saga cost them a place in the finals?

Most of the talk has centred on how the cancelled games may or may not have affected CBR Brave’s chances of finishing top spot for 2014. With CBR Brave already locked in and Adelaide’s finals hopes now out the door, let’s take a look at what could have been, had those games gone ahead.

Adelaide received the equivalent of two shootout losses for that weekend. That means two points out of a possible six. Had Adelaide won both games, they would be on 47 points, two clear of current fourth place Sydney Ice Dogs, requiring the Ice Dogs to beat the top of the table Mustangs in their final game of the year take fourth place.

What were the chances of Adelaide taking six points that weekend, you might ask?

CBR Brave burst onto the AIHL scene with impressive wins against all four finalists from last season, but one team remained a thorn in the side of CBR Brave. Yep, you guessed it, Adelaide Adrenaline.

Adelaide is the only other team in the AIHL to fold and come back into the league under a new player run management. Add to this the fact that they won the Goodall cup in their first full season as the Adrenaline, something the Brave are hoping to do this year.

Why a thorn? Adelaide is the only team that CBR Brave does not have a win against, with an early season loss, a cancelled game and a back to back double header loss this past weekend to CBR Brave.

The Sydney Bears have struggled to gain any real momentum this season so a loss at home against a fiery Adrenaline, desperate to make the finals would certainly have been on the cards.

Now with Adelaide’s finals hopes in tatters, the team is left to rue what could have been and the League is left with the question, what can be done in the future to ensure all games can be played?

Julian Hall

Julian Hall

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Julian Hall
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