Pucker Up Podcast Episode 6

Pucker Up is back for another week

Chris Meister is joined this week by Perth writer Rachi Grey to talk AIHL, breaking down last week’s games and looking ahead to the upcoming week of action.

The NHL Playoffs are also on the menu.

Please let us know if you have any questions you would like answered on the show.


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Chris Meister

Chris Meister

Editor at large - Hockey
Chris is a mad fan of almost any sport and a number of sporting teams, too many to mention. With an American father, Chris’s love of traditional North American sports was developed at a young age, receiving weekly newspaper clippings on all the Philadelphia teams from his grandfather (how times have changed!!). In the latter half of the 2011 AIHL season, Chris started writing for theaihl.com and has since written for Hewitt Sports Network covering AIHL and ABL and The Armchair Selector. In the limited spare time that Chris has, he enjoys going to watch his favourite teams play (whatever the code) and also spending time with his young family.
Chris Meister
Chris Meister

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