MLB Season Preview


Xavier Player brings us an MLB season preview with a twist. Why each team will and won’t win the World Series in just three words.

Think he’s right? Think he’s wrong? Let him know below.

Team Why they’ll win Why they won’t
Arizona Diamondbacks Surprisingly underrated outfield. Missing Didi Gregorious.
Atlanta Braves 2000’s perennial underachievers. 2000’s perennial underachievers.
Baltimore Orioles Gaining playoff experience. Not enough depth.
Boston Red Sox Papi, Panda, Hanley. Where’s the pitching?
Chicago Cubs It is destiny. Short an arm.
Chicago White Sox Watch Chris Sale. Tough divisional opponents.
Cincinnati Reds Closer every year. Struggle with expectations.
Cleveland Indians Terry Francona’s smart. Need more pitching.
Colorado Rockies Anything is possible. They’re a mess.
Detroit Tigers Consistent playoff residents. Own worst enemies.
Houston Astros See “Colorado Rockies”. Their divisional opponents.
Kansas City Royals 2014 was unexpected! Repeat appearances difficult.
Los Angeles Dodgers Kershaw is amazing. October hates them.
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Surely they’re due. No lineup cohesion.
Miami Marlins Somewhat smart spending. Owner – Jeffrey Loria.
Milwaukee Brewers Long winning streaks. Poorly timed runs.
Minnesota Twins Great farm system. Their time’s coming.
New York Mets New Amazin’ Mets. Still too soon.
New York Yankees They’re trained winners. Alex Rodriguez’s circus.
Oakland Athletics Moneyball is fun. Poor in playoffs.
Philadelphia Phillies Potential is brewing. Can’t win division.
Pittsburgh Pirates Fans propel team. Playoff nerves obvious.
San Diego Padres Biggest roster ever? Money isn’t happiness.
San Francisco Giants Watch them play. Odd numbered year.
Seattle Mariners Solid building blocks. 2001 playoffs, anyone?
St Louis Cardinals They always surprise. Not enough power.
Tampa Bay Rays Constant surprise packets. Unreliable at best.
Texas Rangers They will improve. Won’t improve enough.
Toronto Blue Jays Canada needs winners. Long playoff drought.
Washington Nationals Pitching staff strong. Pitching poorly used.


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