Joey Wong talks Perth Heat vs Brisbane Bandits

The Heat have been white hot over the last two weeks, but what will they need to do to go out and get a series victory over a strong Brisbane Bandits side, and secure their home final?

Perth have really began to fire things up after a very slow start to the season. They tied a series with the championship favourite Adelaide Bite and dominated the Canberra Cavalry on the road to win the series 3-1.

Their run support against the Cavalry was absolutely phenomenal, scoring 45 runs over four games, only allowing 14 total runs from Canberra (please note this is total runs, not earned runs).

Perth Heat shortstop Joey Wong said his team must stay focused and continue to have quality at bats.

“We did a great job executing last weekend and need to keep that going,” he said.

“The pitching has been solid lately and we feel very confident with where we are at right now.”

Wong also said the home field advantage this series will play a key role in determining the fate of the series.

“It’s always nice to be at home in front of our fans.

“If we can start quick an get the fans into the game it should help us out.”

He also said it will be important to attack the Bandits hitters early in the game, in an attempt to shut their running and offensive game down.

“They have some very good athletes that like to run as well as some quality pitching, so getting ahead early and controlling their runners will be important.”


Luke Worthington

Luke Worthington

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