Jaden Pine-Murphy Scores a Goal for the Melbourne Ice

It’s a rarity in hockey, but one that is always well celebrated.

When a goalie scores a goal, we all cheer. Goalies don’t get to score goals. Ever. Even a shot on goal is a no no.

When the Newcastle Northstars played the Melbourne Ice on Sunday, Melbourne Ice goalie Jaden Pine-Murphy did just that. He made no attempt whatsoever to score. It just happened that way.

A clearing pass from Newcastle’s John F Kennedy  to allow a line change, deflected off Ice Jaden Pine-Murphy and ended up going all the way down for a goal.

Commentator Stephen White initially thought it was a Newcastle own goal, which is pain we don’t want to imagine for Newcastle.

In a cruel poetic way, this signed off the North Stars season.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BF6t2gxkTM]

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Myles Harris

Myles Harris

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  1. Last opposition player to touch the puck before a delayed penalty gets the credit for the goal., which is why it was awarded to Jaden.

  2. Factually inaccurate. JFK put it in his own net. JPM never touched it, never deflected off of his pads and it wouldn’t have had the speed or angle. Spoke to both of them after the game, both admitted it was the game. Obviously a hockey player didn’t write this article.

    • Well either way, with the nets up, it’s a confusing goal. The talk on Facebook as well as the description in the video itself lent itself to deflecting off JPM at some point. The refs did credit JPM with the goal.