At Hewitt Sports Network or HSN if you like, we pride ourselves on being one of the foremost sources of small sports news in Australia.

Starting with with the Australian Ice Hockey League, HSN has grown to take on various other Ice Hockey leagues around the world and have most recently started reporting on the Australian Baseball League.

Growing non traditional sports in Australia is not an easy task as the existing sporting culture in this part of the world is so strong.  We realise that the sports that we cover will never be the top of the tree as far as Australia goes and we’re fine with that but we want to help reach their potential.

HSN boasts a growing number of writers, all with various backgrounds and desires.  One common thread however is that they are all dedicated to bringing you all of the latest news in their chosen field.

Despite our founder’s surname, HSN is not named in Andrew Hewitt’s honour.  The Hewitt part of the HSN name is attributed to Canadian broadcasting legend Foster Hewitt who coined the phrase “He shoots, he scores” which is now part of the modern-day sporting vernacular.

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HSN Team