Thunder off to booming start

The NZIHL got off to a start this weekend and aiming to get their campaigns off to the best of starts the West Auckland Admirals travelled to Dunedin to take on the Thunder.  It was the home team that took the opening day win, 5-3.     The first game in anger of the NZIHL got […]

Stampede on the rampage

After losing in the Birgel Cup final last season, the Southern Stampede will be looking to produce more of the same form in 2012. Senior Writer Xavier Player has more.     With all but nine members of their roster returning from the 2011 season the Southern Stampede will be looking to continue their hot […]

Swarming success

As the 4 time NZIHL Champion Botany Swarm prepare enter the 2012 season, Andrew Hewitt looks at how they are shaping up and if they can create history and become the only team to win the NZIHL three years running.     After defeating the Southern Stampede 5-3 in the 2011 Final to lift the […]

Thunder brewing down south.

After having a lacklustre 2011 season, the Dunedin Thunder will be looking to make themselves more competitive in 2012. Xavier Player has more.     When a team wins five games in a season and two of those come in overtime, there generally isn’t much hope given for them the next season. This isn’t the […]

The NZIHL launch new ‘Toa Kauhanga Riri Tio’ trophy

The NZIHL have this year, introduced a mid-season trophy to their growing competition.  The following is a press release that the NZIHL have issued relating to the new trophy.     The New Zealand Ice Hockey League is proud to announce the introduction of a new mid-season trophy for 2012, ‘Toa Kauhanga Riri Tio’. The […]

Devils look to bring the heat

Boosting their ranks in the off season, the Canterbury Red Devils will be aiming to win their second NZIHL title after taking the crown in 2009, one year prior to the introduction of the Birgel Cup.  Andrew Hewitt with more.   Finishing third in the 2011 NZIHL season, the Canterbury Red Devils know that they […]

Canterbury Red Devils make strong signings

With the TTCL starting this year, the AIHL and NZIHL’s fans, players and officials will have to get to know one another.  To help this, HSN will be working to bring you as much news as possible on both leagues as to keep everyone educated and up to date.  In our first look at a […]