#ruJERSEYSURE :: Quarter Final 1 – Melbourne Ice Vs Sydney Ice Dogs

IN the last of the Quarter Finals, we see rivalry at its best.  Melbourne versus Sydney, Champions versus underdogs – this one has it all. Progressing out of the Elimination Game, the Ice Dogs fans have shown how much love they have for their uniform, while the Ice faithful have been very patient in waiting […]

Melbourne Ice, great on the ice, better off it

Many pieces have been written regarding the Melbourne Ice’s victory on Sunday evening in the Goodall Cup Final and as a proud member, you would find it hard pressed to locate a happier fan than I.  The event that made made me even more proud to be involved with this club was not on Sunday […]

Melbourne Ice Cement Favouritism

In the second top of the table clash in as many weeks, the Melbourne Ice was keen to show the Newcastle North Stars who would start as favourites in the upcoming AIHL Finals.  The North Stars however, were also eager to prove their worth against the reigning Goodall Cup Champions at the Medibank Icehouse. Melbourne […]

Melbourne Ice vs Canberra Knights :: Double Header Game Preview

With the run of points that Addison DeBoer and Brit Ouellette have been piling on over the last few weeks, it is quite possible there will be more than a few optimistic Knights fans at the Medibank Icehouse as the team from Canberra travel to Melbourne to take on the Melbourne Ice in a double […]

Who’s the boss??

If you were to go, to a game between the Melbourne Ice and the Melbourne Mustangs and asked a selection of random spectators who some of the leagues other players were, you would probably end up with a lot of blank faces. If you were to ask most fans in Melbourne who Matt Amado or […]

Rise & rise of Melbourne hockey

It is cold…….rough……high speed……as well as tactical. No, I’m not talking about a suburban football game; I’m talking about the sport of ice hockey, and its the next big thing to hit the Melbourne sporting sporting skyline. Under the radar to the general public for over 100 years in this country, ice hockey in Australia […]