Greg Oddy – Oddicorn – My Little Blackhawk

What a season it has been for Greg Oddy of the Adelaide Adrenaline.

Greg hit 300 games this season. For such a monumental achievement, I have made Greg in a Unicorn.

Greg Oddicorn!

Greg Oddy

Greg Oddy – The Oddicorn
Credit: My Little Blackhawk

Ali Lawrence
Ali is a graphic designer by day, burlesque dancer at night and inspiring hockey player. She also draws hockey players as ponies for because that's what happens when Patrick Kane wins the Stanley Cup and goes to a party wearing a Unicorn mask. Ali lives in Chicago in the USofA.
Ali Lawrence


producer/commisioner for #PuckAndGrind, burlesque dancer for Dirty Birds Burlesque, ice hockey goalie for UofC Maroons, art director/designer for money.
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