New Gold Coast ice arena looks promising

Conceptual plans for the new ice arena on the Gold Coast have been released and it looks impressive.  Andrew Hewitt with more.




Since the Gold Coast Blue Tongues began their 12 month hiatus from the Australian Ice Hockey League, the work to reinstate them for the 2014 season has been furious.

A large portion of this work has focussed on the concept of a brand new facility on the Gold Coast that would be state of the art, include two ice sheets and help to secure the future of ice sports in the region.  As part of the planning, Manager Dave Emblem has literally set himself on a mission to gain the best designs and secure much needed funding for the project.

In a recent article by Shannon Willoughby that appeared on, Emblem was confident in the success of the latest venture.

Along with being a double sheet facility, the new arena would be able to seat up to 2000 fans and include cafe and bar facilities.

The idea of a 2000 seat stadium may seem a little far-fetched to some, however with the growth of the sport in Australia over the last 5 years it is not an unreasonable one.

Take a look at the proposed images by clicking here.

What do you think about the new facility?

Are the Blue Tongues aiming too high?

We want to know your thoughts on the whole concept.  Leave us a comment below or get to us via Twitter and Facebook.

by Andrew Hewitt

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Andrew Hewitt

Andrew Hewitt

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  1. I really wish the blue tongues all the best with this project. If they pull it off perhaps it could be a model for all the teams to try to follow. Build it and they will come…………..

  2. I’d love for these plans to get up… although then we’d have all of the Ice fans crying poor claiming that their rink was substandard demanding a new one…

  3. Great concept. I hope it makes it into reality. Wonder if they could put boards down and use it for concerts and basketball to keep money flowing.

  4. Is very ambitious. But is good to see Emblem aiming high.

    Any word on the new rink the Melbourne Ice talk about? Very little online. Might take some in depth investigative journalism from the talented folk at HSN.

  5. There are over half a million people spread along the 50km of the Gold Coast, and about one-third of them are the young ice sports target market who are now looking for more sporting clubs. The primary catchment, 7.5km radius of Surfer’s Paradise, has the same density as Melbourne CBD, and there is much more beyond. There is no question a $15m twin rink investment will be viable here with the right design and management. And this looks to me to be precisely that. Seats are costly but they are the main revenue generator. As many as can be afforded up to 5,000. Room to expand if possible. Good luck, David.