Decision Made About Bus Crash Replacement Games

In a decision that is already being heavily debated within the AIHL community, the AIHL Commission have made a decision about what to do with the games that were postponed following the bus crash involving the Adelaide Adrenaline enroute to Canberra a couple of weeks ago.

With limited time and 3 teams involved, the AIHL Commission had to make a relatively fast decision about what to do with the 2 games that were postponed after the bus crash involving the Adelaide Adrenaline recently. At the time, it was announced that the games between the CBR Brave and the Adelaide Adrenaline (game 77)  as well as the game between the Sydney Bears and the Adrenaline (game 79) would be replayed if possible at a time and venue to be determined. With the end of the AIHL season rapidly approaching and the Adrenaline and Brave still in finals contention, a speedy but considered decision had to be made. The decision will not please everyone however options were limited.

Announced on Thursday 31 July, the AIHL Commission have made a decision after consultation between the 3 clubs concerned. The AIHL Commission will award each team involved a point for each game in lieu of the re-scheduled games. This will mean that the Brave and Bears will receive an additional point while the Adrenaline will receive 2 points in total – one point per game. The games are now officially cancelled and will not be counted in various statistics.  According to the release from the league, this is the first time in AIHL history that a match has been postponed and was not able to be rescheduled.

At the time of writing, the AIHL ladder online has not been adjusted and will be manually adjusted by August 5 to take these extra points into account. As the league ladder is so close this season, the extra points do mean changes in ladder positions. As a result, the Adrenaline have moved into 4th position and moved the Ice Dogs into 5th.

  • Before changes: Mustangs 38, Ice 38, Brave 36, Ice Dogs 36, Adrenaline 35, North Stars 26, Thunder 25, Bears 21.
  • After changes: Mustangs 38, Ice 38, Brave 37, Adrenaline 37, Ice Dogs 36, North Stars 26, Thunder 25, Bears 22.
Eric Brook

Eric Brook

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Eric Brook


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  1. I whack the AIHL sometimes, but I think they’ve drawn some genuinely unfair criticism over this.

    For the matches to be played would’ve required some serious aligning of the stars. Our league is an amatuer competition, costs are seriously prohibitive for travel, and rink availability isn’t an easy ask.

    I’m sure the governing body did what they could.