Brisbane Bandits ease past Aces

The Brisbane Bandits handed the Melbourne Aces a 3-1 series defeat to start their season. With the series that stretched into Monday afternoon came a few key points. Our eyes on the ground talk about what they learned.


  • Brisbane were far better prepared having played a tough series against Adelaide the previous weekend.
  • One bad inning on Opening Night killed the Aces once again. This time the 3rd where five runs were conceded after a what looked like a developing pitchers duel through the first two innings.
  • Dylan Cozens is a massive unit, which is a scary prospect for pitchers around the league. His homer in the fourth inning om  was the first of what the Aces hope will be many for the season.
  • The atmosphere was somewhat subdued for an opening day, perhaps the result of the game was a big factor in that. The Aces put on a spectacular fireworks show at the end of the game, which was great, but left many fans with the feeling that it was too much and that money could be better spent on other things.
  • The quality of the stream coming out of Melbourne is exactly what is needed as the Aces are going to be looking to boost their average attendance.
  • The Aces continue to be late and extra inning specialists.
  • Brad Harman is again going to be Mr. Reliable for the Aces this season. The concern is if all of the work is going to fall on his shoulders.
  • Tim Brown suffering two losses over the weekend from just six innings of work is going to be a point of frustration for Tommy Thompson this week as the Aces need to conserve their bullpen when they head to Brisbane this weekend.
  • Schools day games are a hit. The Melbourne Aces reported that 1,338 students were in the stands on Monday afternoon. Whether or not they knew what was going on is irrelevant as schools day’s are a great point for getting the next generation interested in the game.
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