Brisbane Bandits fight to earn split

The Brisbane Bandits and Adelaide Bite split their four games series. Here’s what was learned from the first weekend in the Sunshine State.


  • Adelaide have the potential to convert. The Bite were big on wasted chances last season, so their eight runs on eight hits was a great way to start the campaign.
  • Steven Chambers succumbed early in his start on Friday and it only got worse for the Brisbane Bandits. Nilsson had to go to his pen much earlier than expected, causing damage for the remainder of the weekend.
  • Johnny Field looks aggressive in CF and could be a real X-Factor in the Bandits lineup this season.
  • Mitch Dening will be near the head of the pile when it comes to offensive production this season. 4 Home Runs in as many games after a total of five last season.
  • Ryan Searle‘s 12K’s through 7.1IP were a godsend for the Bandits in their first win of the season as it released some of the pressure that had built on Friday night.
  • Goetzman will change the game on a few swings of the bat if he is given the chance. The Brisbane Bandits need to find someone who can go with him.

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