Blue Tongues give ticket to ride

Following their move north for the remainder of the 2012 season, the Gold Coast Blue Tongues have organised a bus service which will offer their fans a convenient travel option. Xavier Player has more.



When the 10.30pm timeslot was announced for the rest of the season, there were residual groans from the hockey community, with many stating it was a time that simply wouldn’t work.

Despite this the Blue Tongues have organised a tour bus for their Gold Coast fans, something which couldn’t have happened without the assistance of the Surfers Paradise RSL Club and Imperial Pacific Coaches as Blue Tongues Assistant Team Manager Sean Garvan told HSN.

“We need to make special mention and thanks to Surfers Paradise RSL  who are the official sponsors of the Gold Coast Blue Tongues Tour Bus. They have assisted in subsidising the cost of the bus, and fans will be encouraged to come to the RSL on each game night from 7pm to 8.30pm for dinner and drinks prior to boarding the bus at 8.45pm to head to the game. We approached a number of bus companies for quotes and availability, and struck up a great arrangement with Imperial Pacific Coaches to be our official coach partner for the Tour Bus service”.

With the Blue Tongues originally based in Brisbane until the end of the 2007 season the organisation are hoping that many of the fans who were around in the early days of the franchise will head to Acacia Ridge to support their local team.

Garvan also stated that despite the difference in names, the region is effectively one city, and the end decision was made to give the fans the best opportunity to see their team.

“You can drive from Coolangatta Airport (Gold Coast South) to the outskirts of North Brisbane in less than 2 hours. This means that we have fans located all over the Gold Coast and Brisbane area, who in many cases do travel over an hour to our games, even when they were held on at Iceland Bundall. This being said, as we have been forced to make a mid-season change to our home games location, we felt we owed it to our Gold Coast-based fans to provide an alternative to driving the additional 50 minutes to Acacia Ridge at such a late time slot.”

With a 48 seat bus booked for both Friday and Saturday night seats are filling quick so for details on how to secure your spot click here

By Xavier Player

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  1. Nice of the team to finally show an interest in the Brisbane fans again after all but treating them like crap since 2008.