Beer and Hockey :: Peas and Carrots

FOR those ‘of age’, beer and hockey can easily be appropriated as going hand in hand.  Here, TOH Senior Writer Xavier Player goes through each team in the AIHL and matches them up to their own yeast enriched, hops infused, liquid partner.   Adelaide Adrenaline – Mountain Goat Cucumber sandwich. The Cucumber Sandwich, much like the […]

A change for the better?

IN what must feel like a case of Déjà Vu for the hardcore set of Hockey fans in Australia the NHL have announced a conference shuffle just two months after the AIHL went through the same process. Senior Writer Xavier Player investigates the move and what it means for the future. The date is October […]

10 – The magic number

With the AIHL expanded for the second season in a row, many fans are left wondering – why nine ? Senior writer Xavier Player investigates where the tenth ten could, or rather should go. From the days of Alex Delvecchio and Pavel Bure to Mike Richards and Patrick Sharp the number ten has always meant […]

What TOH means to me – Xavier Player

UPON the appointment to the role of Senior Writer, Xavier Player tells readers what TOH means to him.  This is the first in the “What TOH means to me” series, be sure to stick by TOH as we get to now our writers a bit more. I’ve been lucky enough in my short career to […]

Placement is key

Xavier Player takes a look at the tyranny of distance as the Perth Thunder prepare for their first season in the AIHL as a full member team. If you had have said someone would win the Stanley Cup with a goal from the slimmest of angles in overtime in game seven you’d be laughed out […]

Remembering Lokomotiv

In one of the darkest day in world sport since the Munich air disaster of 1958 the international Hockey community have shown unity beyond belief. At 4.02 local time on Wednesday afternoon the plane carrying the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) outfit Lokomotiv Yaroslavl came down just seconds after take-off killing 43 of the 45 people […]

A day in the life of an AIHL insider

THE Other Hewitt’s newest writer Xavier Player, has put together a diary account of his experience at the AIHL Finals this season.  Join him as he gives an account of his busy weekend. FRIDAY 2ND SEPTEMBER 2011 Talk about a whirlwind month. This time one month ago I had barely written a hockey article. Since then […]