Mustangs Break The Ice

There exists, in most hockey games, that pivotal moment when a play cements a lead and knocks the crowd either up a notch, or back to flat silence. Or both. Thursday? It fell with hammer force, courtesy of Viktor Gibbs Sjodin of the Melbourne Mustangs, who dangled through centre ice at speed, pulled it to […]

What went wrong for Boston?

Having finished the season with the best record in the NHL, you could say better things were expected for the Bruins. Last year, they were only seconds away from pushing their ride in the finals to a seventh game, but this year they were dispatched by the relatively mediocre Canadiens at home in only the […]

The Ice & Ice Dogs open the 2014 season

Southern Victoria, kind enough to give us the extended version of its summertime, finally dropped the hammer on a change in scenery this week. We haven’t seen the sun since last weekend. But who cares? The Yarra might not offer us outdoor shinny in the winter months, but the cold and rain means it’s finally […]

World All-Stars set for big outing

Last Series – Team Australia had their first taste of All-Star success in the 2012 edition of the game. What’s coming – 24 athletes of Australian origin will face down their baseball brethren from across the pond in the annual ABL All-Star Game. Sparks will fly. Emotions will run high. There will be no quarter […]

Red Hot Sydney Scalds in Docklands

The Medibank Ice House played host to a duo of games on Saturday, as Melbourne’s two teams faced off against Sydney’s in a busy weekend at Docklands. Ian Douglas was there The Sabres faced off against the Glaciers this sunny afternoon, before the Whalers and Wolf Pack followed suit, as both Sydney teams rolled down […]

Whale Of a Time At The Icehouse

The 2013/14 Australian Junior Ice Hockey League season kicked off for the two Melbourne teams recently. Ian Douglas was there to witness it and gives us his thoughts. “That…must have hurt!” “You think so?” “Every surface is hard, is this arena just meant to cause pain or what? Oh…I think I missed something. Was that […]