AIHL Revenue Streams – Merchandise – Can We Do Better?

The Australian Ice Hockey League is a semi-professional league where many players still pay to play, so how do we get to a point where players can actually become cash positive? Revenue streams are something the AIHL always have to be careful with, the risk of becoming a losing entity always an issue. The whole […]

Going Dark & Finding Light

One of the terms used overseas for teams who need to drop out for a season, is “Going Dark”. The Gold Coast Blue Tongues went dark for the 2013 and 2014 AIHL season after their rink was deemed, “Not to the required standard of the AIHL”. Previously we ran a series of articles on the […]

Home & Away for the Ice Dogs

The Sydney Ice Dogs traveled to the Hunter Ice Skating Stadium on Sunday night for their home game against the Newcastle North Stars, a rescheduled match played in Newcastle due to availability of ice in Liverpool, the home of the Dogs. The match would see the North Stars minus Adam Geric and Brian Bales yet […]

Perth Thunder Has Newcastle Seeing Stars

The Perth Thunder made the trip to the Hunter Ice Skating Stadium to battle the Newcastle North Stars on Saturday night, with both side aiming to cement points to assist on the journey to the finals.   Every game starts with both sides trying to exert their dominance and win the neutral zone battle and […]

Fire & Ice – Stars Burn Bright

 The Melbourne Ice travelled to the Hunter Ice Skating Stadium on Saturday night with a mission, to take three points and make their way back to the top of the Australian Ice Hockey League standings.   Standing in their way would be a Newcastle North Stars side brimming with confidence after finding their mojo at their home rink. The opening period saw the […]