AIHL Grand Final – The Ponies

There is no better way to celebrate the AIHL Finals then an all out pony battle royale with the final four goalies!

Starting from the top right and going clockwise we have Peg-Carson of the Melbourne Mustangs, Pony Noting of the Sydney Ice Dogs, JPM-icorn of the Melbourne Ice and Pitkanasus of the CBR Brave.

Goalie fights are what dreams are made of. Good luck to all in the finals!

My Little Blackhawk


Ali Lawrence
Ali is a graphic designer by day, burlesque dancer at night and inspiring hockey player. She also draws hockey players as ponies for because that's what happens when Patrick Kane wins the Stanley Cup and goes to a party wearing a Unicorn mask. Ali lives in Chicago in the USofA.
Ali Lawrence


producer/commisioner for #PuckAndGrind, burlesque dancer for Dirty Birds Burlesque, ice hockey goalie for UofC Maroons, art director/designer for money.
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