Fresh faced AIHL for 2013

The AGM for the AIHL was held over the past weekend.  Along with the announcement regarding the Gold Coast Blue Tongues, there was some other major news concerning the league in 2013.  Andrew Hewitt with more.



The on-ice action may have stopped well over a month ago but the off-ice activity is in full swing, with the league hosting its Annual General Meeting over the past weekend in Sydney.

On top of the news that the Gold Coast Blue Tongues will not be a part of the 2013 edition of the league there has been some other big news to come out of the meeting.

Speaking to HSN, AIHL Assistant Commissioner Alex Lata expanded on some of the AGM outcomes.

The AIHL Commission itself has gone through some changes with some former Commissioners calling an end to their tenure and some new faces welcomed.

“As it currently stands, the Commission is made up of five people.  Newly elected/appointed to the AIHL Commission are Robert Bannerman and Joshua Chye. Both Josh and Robert have been involved with the league for the past year.

“Further, Tyler Lovering has been re-elected and Ben Kiely and myself remain on the Commission for at least one further one year term.”

As for the structure of the AIHL Commission, Ms Lata pointed out that there was only one defined role at this time with further role allocation to be announced closer to the start of the 2013 season.

“Although specific roles are yet to be finalised amongst the new commission, I can confirm that Josh will be responsible for the AIHL’s finances and the rest of the Commission will be working through a variety of areas including development of strategy for the AIHL, development of sponsor and stakeholder relationships, the running of corporate governance, legal, disciplinary matters, driving commercial outcomes and providing commercial, strategic and general advice to the AIHL” said Lata.

There will also be a further addition to the AIHL Commission as the search now starts for a Commissioner that will be responsible for Marketing and Media.

As well as seeking a new Commissioner, the League will be adding a part-time paid staff member in a major step forward.

“In an unprecedented move, the league will for the first time be taking on a part-time paid staff member who will be responsible for assisting the Commission with various operational matters. This is due to the overwhelming increase in work load for the AIHL Commission resulting from the significant growth and expansion of the league. This proposal has the support of all the teams and is a big step forward for the AIHL.

“Most importantly, it will free up the Commission to work on taking the league to the next level, including through strategic planning and seeking sponsors and other commercial partners, and potentially a broadcasting deal” added Lata.

Ms Lata also told HSN of potentially both the most exciting and controversial news in the history of the AIHL.

Since the league’s inception many fans have been calling for 20 minute periods to align themselves with other leagues of the world and more importantly international hockey.  While the 15 minute period that has existed in the AIHL is unique, the League has listened to it’s fans.

“The length of the 3rd period in 2013 will be increased to 20 minutes. This will be a fantastic result for fans” said Ms Lata.

With all of the news to come out of the AIHL AGM what do you think is the most important?

by Andrew Hewitt

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Andrew Hewitt

Andrew Hewitt

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  1. 15min + 15min + 20min. That’s just ridiculous.

    3 x 20 would force clubs to build up 3 lines. In the long run it would be beneficial for the development of the game. The 15 minute periods are just a band-aid solution allowing clubs to get by mainly on two lines, and rely too heavily on their imports rather than local talent.

  2. I think AIHL needs to go to 3 x 20 min periods just so more local players get more ice time. As it stands teams play their imports much more because they are not pushed as hard with just 15 min periods. Proper 20 min periods will force teams to play 3 lines not just 2 which is what most do now. Surely teams can come to an arrangement with venues about an extra half an hour?

  3. Congrats to Bruiser on being elected to the board of Commissioners. Who’s the dude getting his photo?

    Theresa, AIHL won’t go to 3×20 until all teams can afford it & have enough depth. At the moment only the Melbourne Ice has this ability, and would get all the advantage.

  4. Listen to the fans? Crap! Fans wanted ALL periods 20 minutes like other leagues! Having just the third with 20 minutes is a joke! Does the league really think the fans want THAT?

  5. It would be nice if they explained why only ONE period is 20 mins. And when (if ever) all 3 will be 20 mins each.

  6. Excuse me, AIHL, did the fans say they wanted three periods of different length? Or say they wanted 20 min periods?