2015 AIHL Schedule Released

Today the AIHL released the schedule for 2015.

The most interesting development is the Melbourne Mustangs having to play in Perth on Saturday and in Adelaide Sunday aka “The Doomsday Double”. They do that twice this season. This will be an interesting conundrum for the teams, with time zones. We can’t see the Mustangs coming off well on those trips.

The Mustangs said on their Facebook Page

Each year one team will split a weekend across Perth and Adelaide. This is to ensure a more even game structure. For example, both of those teams typically play only double headers, while Melbourne teams play some Saturdays, some Sundays and some double headers. This evens it up a bit.

This also lessens the amount of byes for Perth and Adelaide as well as ensuring Perth doesn’t wait 4 weeks till the first game.

Next year it will be another team.

Despite an error on the 26th of April (we suspect it’s the Ice who play the Ice Dogs in Melbourne) it looks reasonable.

The first derby and AIHL Grand Final replay is on Thursday the 30th of April. A game we are sure will go gangbusters.

Missing is the rumoured All Star Game. Is that the missing game number 1?

EDIT: Game 1 is actually Bears vs North Stars which was moved to allow the season to start later. Thanks Eric!

You can download the full fixture at theaihl.com


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