2014 AIHL Season Snapshots: Sydney Bears

Now that the AIHL 2014 Season completed over, with the celebrations fading into the background and the fans returning to not knowing what to do with their weekends – I thought now would be a good time to remind you all of the season that was.  The 2014 AIHL Season was, in my opinion, the most positive season the league has experienced.  For that reason, I’ve decided to create a snapshot of each team’s season – by the numbers.

First up, is the the basement dwellers – The Sydney Bears.

Untitled Infographic


Sean Lopez

Sean Lopez

Hockey for me has always been a numbers game and I can't help but want to constantly find more ways to bring a more comprehensive understanding of what is going on in the AIHL to its' fans. I spend a lot of my spare time building up a personal database of statistics, some call it an obsession but I just call it hockey.
Sean Lopez

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