AIHL Finals – All Locked Up

The Ice Dogs have dominated the Battle of Sydney for 2014. Photo - Injected Ideas Photography

The penultimate weekend of the 2014 regular season saw the final 4 positions confirmed. While the final 4 teams are now known, what will the order be?

AIHL Finals – Lock In Mustangs & Brave, Eddie!

Michael James makes another save
Photo: MosquitoByte Pty. Ltd.

A full weekend of hockey saw the Mustangs & Brave locked in for the finals and some amazing action. The final 2 spots are up for grabs. Who will take them?

AIHL Finals – Sydney Bears and Perth Thunder Gone

Pat O'Kane and Mitch Humphries await the drop of the puck
Photo: MosquitoByte Pty Ltd

The tightest AIHL competition in history is into the final stages as the finals countdown continues. Two teams solidified and two teams can make it.

AIHL Review – The Top Teams Separate

Matt Dugas v Ice Dogs July 2014

The top teams are starting to separate from the bottom teams as the race for the Goodall Cup hots up in the AIHL.

The Rocky Road To The AIHL Finals Continues

Jason Baclig from behind the net

Having two games postponed after a bus crash and two penalty-fests in Melbourne was not planned. How is your team looking on the run into the AIHL finals?

AIHL 2014 – The Run Home


What does the run home for the AIHL look like from here on in. Eric takes a look.

AIHL Weekend Preview, 12-13 July 2014

Picture: MosquitoByte Pty Ltd

This weekend sees 4 vital games in the lead-up to the AIHL finals. Eric brings us the weekends preview.