Hangin’ Sliders – #001- A new beginning

Welcome to the Hangin’ Sliders Podcast. Hangin’ Sliders is the Australian Baseball League chat you have with your mates at the game.

From SEN in Melbourne, Xavier Player and Chris Meister talk all things about the upcoming ABL season.


It's All Goodall


Xavier Player
In another life I spent a lot of my time playing sport, so I feel lucky now knowing I get to write and talk about it. Time is also invested in education (both my own and others) and finding another new restaurant to try.
Xavier Player


Hobbies include primary school teaching, the Melbourne Football Club, West Ham United, Boston Red Sox, true crime podcasts, 🍴,🍻,🏃.
I need more 30 for 30 podcasts. - 2 hours ago
Xavier Player
Xavier Player

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